Saturday, August 26, 2006

'Vela' Festival of 'Sree Cherunettoori Bhagavathi Temple'

Annual 'VELA' festival of 'Sree Cherunettori Bhagavathi ' temple in Chittalamchery (in Palakkad district) is celebrated every year on 28th April i.e. 15th day after Vishu.

ചിറ്റിലംചേരി ശ്രീ ചെറുനെട്ടൂരി ഭഗവതി ക്ഷേത്രത്തിലെ വേല ഉത്സവം എല്ലാ വര്‍ഷത്തെപ്പോലെ ഈ വര്‍ഷവും വിഷു കഴിഞ്ഞ്‌ 15ാ‍ം ദിവസം 2006 April 28-ന്‌ ഭംഗിയായി ആഘോഷിച്ചു. ഉത്സവത്തിന്റെ ചില ദൃശ്യങ്ങള്‍

Instructions for installing Malayalam Font.

Steps for installing Malayalam Unicode Font “AnjaliOldLipi-0.730.ttf”

1. Please download the Font by clicking the Link – Click Here.

2. In the File Download Box click “Save” and save to Fonts Folder in C:\WINDOWS\Fonts.

3. Open the Fonts folder, double click “AnjaliOldLipi” to open, Click “Done” . The Fonts is now installed in your Computer.

(You can also save the file on the Desktop and then copy and paste to Windows\Fonts folder)

(Alternatively, select “AnjaliOldLipi”, click File, Install New Fonts, Select Fonts,
Select, “AnjaliOldLipi” and click Install)

4. In the Internet Explorer, Click Tools  Internet Options, Select Language Script ‘Malayalam’ , Select Webpage Font as “AnjaliOldLipi”.
Press OK, and OK.

Now Refresh / Reload the Internet Explorer containing the Malayalam webpage.
Now you will be able to read the Malayalam fonts. If problem still exits, try again, or intimate the problem.

(NB: For reading Mathrubhumi, Deepika, Malayala Manorama newspapers on the Internet, you have to download and install the Fonts - Matweb, TT Karthika, Manorama respectively.)